Growing up as a child who loved soccer, I used to play an imaginative game of soccer/football with my fingers at times when I was not able to play the real game outside (I assume many others had this habit as well). I would use my fingers like my feet to make soccer/football plays by shooting, dribbling or passing objects (erasers, paper, coins, other little ball shaped objects etc.) with my fingers and scoring goals imagining I was the player of a famous soccer/football team competing in great occasions.

This joyous childhood habit was the driving idea behind the development of the game called KUKABALL. In KUKABALL, you can have fun interactions through your fingers with a soccerball/football (dribbling, shooting, passing) with the ultimate aim of scoring as many goals as you can against the Kuka (the Turkish name for a cone) in 45 seconds. You have to be creative with your interactions with the ball to score goals (inter alia, you can dribble the ball to certain angles then shoot, you can pass off screen borders or shoot off screen borders). As a benchmark, hopefully, you will beat the developer’s highest score of 21 goals in 45 seconds. Or if you don’t want to be competitive, just play it for fun and make creative plays to defeat the Kuka.

Now before you try, just take a look at these game instructions: use your index and/or middle finger, make short swipes with your finger starting from behind the ball or on the ball and ending on the ball or past the ball (too technical ?? Just treat your fingers as your feet and simulate your interaction with the ball in real life). To shoot, make longer swipes. Again, swipes may start behind the ball or on the ball and end past the ball or on the ball (too technical ?? Just kick the ball with your finger as if you are kicking a ball with your feet).  To regain control of the ball after shots and reflections, apply swipes in the direction opposite to the movement of the ball. It is fun and addictive !!! Try out for yourself !!!